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My first hoop video, January 2007. Baxter’s backyard.
Flight time What is ‘flight time’ ? = 225 hours
May 2007. My backyard. Featuring hoop brother Kimowan Metchewais, Vinny the wonder dog, and Baxter’s feet!
Flight time = 375 hours
May 2008. The first video in which I shared an original technique: the “First-Tree” (HP) or “Following” (L&C) Pinch Break.
Flight time: 1,000 hours
February 2010. At Balanced Movement Studio in Carrboro, NC, in the same room where I took my first HoopPath class in the summer of 2005. Feeling the flow.
Flight time: 1,850 hours
April 2011. Tracing–one of my favorite techniques–to Gregorian Chant. I was living in Brooklyn–you can hear the Long Island Railroad on the background.
Flight time: 2,400 hours
December 2012. My performance at the New York Flow Show. It was a true honor to appear with so many of my amazingly talented colleagues.
Flight time: 3,200 hours

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