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Hoopdance offers a gateway into dance and creative movement that is both gentle and self-revelatory. The hoop itself defines the dance form—concrete, present and always available for reference—providing an unerring center while also continually offering itself to new modes of interpretation. Line&Circle believes that everyone living deserves the opportunity to meet the profoundly human need to dance, to create our own beauty with our own bodies: the hoop gives us the time, space, and permission to do so.

Both Line&Circle’s online classes and live workshops aim to open hoopdance to a wider world. The elements of this unique movement form are broken down into simple, self-explanatory language and exercises, designed to be accessible to all adult hoopdancers and hoopers-to-be—whether you are picking up the hoop for the first time, or have been spinning for many seasons.

Ann started hooping at age 35 and spent four years studying with master hooper and instructor Jonathan Baxter of HoopPath, the first hoop curriculum to contextualize and teach hoopdance as a meditative movement art. Since 2010, Ann has been traveling and teaching on her own, using a simplified geometric framework to help students better understand the physics where hoop meets body, where line meets circle.

In August 2021, Ann published her memoir about hooping and healing: The Tao of Hoop: On the Transformational Practice of Hula-Hooping (Seriously, Though). Paperback, ebook, and audiobook versions are available through Kindle Direct Publishing/Audible…click here for the paperback or ebook, and here for the audiobook. And please, if you feel so moved, rate or review Ann’s book on any and all platforms–it makes a real difference!

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